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"this is just incredible" - You Tube forums

"I'm enthralled to see this is possible on a pi" - You Tube forums

"It's got really good explosions" - Andrew Rawnsley

"fun to play" - Beta testers

"game pad works well with a Pi 3" - ROOL Forums

"Great graphics, high quality music tracks and sound effects" - Riscository

"Every object is incredibly detailed and solidly animated in 3D" "Star Mine is recommended" >>>> Buy Drag'N'Drop Here <<<<

"Great game" - ROOL Forums

"Very very good" - Beta testers

"Really enjoyed what I've played so far." - Beta testers

"If you are looking for a fun, classic style arcade game"
"to play on RISC OS, Star Mine is great fun to play and"
"Star Mine is great fun to play and comes highly recommended." - The Icon Bar/Acorn Arcade

  Click to see our interview demonstrating StarMine V1.00 at the 2019 RISCOS London show on the Wi-Fi Sheep channel

Available to Buy for £ 11.99

We are pleased to announce that as of the 14th of November 2019 Star Mine version 1.10 is now available for download from the PlingStore and is priced at £ 11.99.

Alternatively you can purchase Protector as a part of the AMCOG Space Collection from ELESAR
Star Mine was originally released during October 2019 at the RISC OS London show..

See the news section for more information.

This game involves ship to ship combat with visual references/inspiration from Tron and other classic space films. The inspiration for this game came from the classic BBC Micro game Star Maze - although the game play and design is quite different.


Star Mine is compatible with RISC OS 4 on Virtual Acorn and RISC OS 5 on Raspberry Pi 0, 2 & 3 Beagleboard and Pandaboard based systems, ARM X6, Titanium and RPCEmu.

A Raspberry Pi 1 will run Star Mine,but at a relatively slow frame rate. The minimum recommended version is the Raspberry Pi 2.


You are piloting a Zeus class star mining ship through alien mines in deep space. The mines contain worm holes where the inhabitants of the mine enter and exit. Its floor and ceiling are protected by a laser energy grid within which the asteroids float endlessly.

How to Play

Your ship gains momentum after you press the thrust key (see in-game for the key options). You may rotate into any given horizontal direction and optionally increase or decrease altitude.

Shoot the asteroids and blow them apart to find the jewels which you are required to collect (see top right hand corner of the game)

Shooting near some aliens may cause them to fight back. Also, they may attempt to ram you and destroy your ship which is intruding into their space.

Once all of the required jewels are collected you will hyperspace to the next mine.

Good Luck!


User definable keys are supported as well as several preset options.

In addition: This game has been tested with a Raspberry Pi SNES style controller on a Raspberry Pi 1,2,3 and ARM X6.
This is a new feature that may be optionally activated only RISC OS 5 systems.

It is our first game to make use of a game controller.


Upgrades to Star Mine are free.

Included Within Star Mine

Star Mine is a new first person perspective space game for RISC OS featuring:

  • Hi resolution detailed 3D graphics - some of the highest quality graphics ever seen on RISC OS.
  • 360 rotation and ascend/descend
  • 5 in game music tracks + 1 theme produced using professional synthesisers including classic 1980s analogue instruments.
  • Support for USB Joysticks on RISC OS 5. Please see above for further details
  • User definable keys
  • 6 level maps
  • Synthesised sound effects created in real-time using RDSP
  • All source code is included and level data is in plain-text
  • Great explosions
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