Quotes & Recommendations

"If you liked Planetoid on the BBC micro you're in for a treat"

"Bombers, bots, pods, missiles abound in this action packed game" - Drag ' N ' Drop magazine

"Five original music tracks" "full colour graphics" "unlimited levels"

"future updates for free" - Riscository

"The music is good. Very atmospheric"

"A very playable shoot em up game"

Available to Buy for £ 9.99

We are pleased to announce that as of the 15th of March 2018 Protector version 1.20 is now available for download from the PlingStore and is priced at £ 9.99.

Alternatively you can purchase Protector as a part of the AMCOG Space Collection from ELESAR
Now with a high score table and improved in game scanner display!

Protector was originally released during October 2017 at the RISC OS London show.

See the news section for more information.

Protector is a new RISC OS game presented in 16 million colours developed using the AMCOG Developent Kit.


The planet and the lifeforms are as one. Now an alien invasion threatens your world and its down to you, the last Protector, to save it.

Protect the lifeforms from the alien invaders. If the invaders succeed in capturing a lifeform then they will transform into mutants. Also beware of bombers, bots, pods, podlings, rollers and missiles.

If all of the lifeforms are destroyed then the planet will explode and the aliens will succeed in becoming mutated forever - beyond your inevitable destruction.


Protector is compatible with RISC OS 4 on Virtual Acorn and RISC OS 5 on Raspberry Pi 1,2 & 3 Beagleboard and Pandaboard based systems, ARM X6, Titanium and RPCEmu.


Upgrades to Protector are free.

Included Within Protector

  • 5 original music tracks.
  • 16 million colour graphics
  • Unlimited levels
  • Free updates.
  • 7 alien types
  • Smart bombs
  • Sound effects via RDSP
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