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20th December 2019 : News Round-up

We are working on 3 new game titles for 2020. These have the following
working titles:

  • Hair Rush
  • Scuba Hunter
  • Haunted House
Game updates, Game Kit and RDSP updates are also in progress.

In addition work on porting Star Mine to the PC being performed

Star Mine has been reviewed by Icon Bar As well as Riscository

16th November 2019 : Star Mine v1.10 is out there!

Star Mine v1.10 has been released. If you bought a copy of Star Mine

at the London show - you can use your PlingStore code to update the game.

Further information is available from the Star Mine product page - including video play-throughs.

20th October 2019 : Star Mine Beta

Star Mine - our new title to be released at the RISC OS London show 2019

is about to go out for beta testing. Preview images below:

Some of the highest quality original game graphics ever seen on RISC OS.

This is a 3D first person perspective space game set in a maze with:

  • vertical motion
  • 360 degree motion
  • Original music
  • Graphics based on physical models that have been computer enhanced

8th July 2019 : New Games in Development

New games are in development for:

The RISC OS London show 2019 & The South West Show 2020

Design and concept is in progress for a new first person perspective game with the working

title Star Miner 3D. Both music writing and recording sessions in Windsor with Simon Very

and Tony Bartram recently occurred. Implementation strategy and the game engine have been

identified. Beta is planned for September 2019.

Initial concepts are in place for 2020. This will be the first time we release a new title

at the South West Show!

Please come along to these shows to see new games being developed with a cool Indie Retro feel

from an award winning team.

7th July 2019 : AMCOG Awards

We are excited to announce that both

have won awards!

Thank you to everyone who voted for AMCOG Games. We really appreciate it!

9th May 2019 : V1.01 of Escape from the Arcade released

Click below for more information:



8th May 2019 : Wi-Fi Sheep LIVE AMCOG GAMES / RISC OS Special

AMCOG Games was featured on the Wi-Fi Sheep Live 8 'till late on Twitch.TV

A repeat is available via YouTube.

We are very grateful to Wi-Fi Sheep for showcasing our products.

The programme featured 2 hours playing and demonstrating most of AMCOG's games that

had been released by the 5th of May 2019.

You can advance through the recording to see in order:

  • Xeroid
  • Protector
  • Legends of Magic
  • Mop Tops
  • Island of the Undead
  • Stunt Drivers
  • Escape from the Arcade
  • The AMCOG Development Kit - including Cyborg, Mutant Penguin and Sparky


    23rd April 2019 : New title to be released at the Wakefield show

    Come along and see us at the Wakefield show 2019 where we will be releasing a new game!

    The arcade machine displays a warning sign and wiring hangs out precariously. You curiously fiddle with the controls and then feel a spinning sensation.

    When you awaken you can see a ghostly figure floating toward you and feel the

    cold hard stoney floor pressing into you.

    You are trapped within the Arcade machine due to a dimensional fault and must

    find a way out.

    11th March 2019 : AMCOG Development Kit Updated

    • Extended the kit to include some of the latest features used in our most recent titles
    • Added simple examples to demonstrate the car control and animation features used in Stunt Drivers, character animation, collision detection and scrolling stars
    • Additional graphics, documentation and more!
    This update is free for existing users!.

    Click here to check out The AMCOG Development Kit

    3rd March 2019 : Stunt Drivers updated!

    Now includes:
    • A player car selector with 8 cars to choose from
    • The game now includes 7 racing tracks!

    3rd March 2019 : RDSP updated

    RDSP 0.87 has now been made available for download!

    RDSP now features:

    • A reverb algorithm that supports Hall and Room settings
    • Record and save to a WAV file
    • A PDF manual

    RDSP is now at release candidate 2. Version 1.0 is expected to be released in the near future.

    3rd March 2019 : The Wifi Sheep YouTube Interview

    AMCOG Games' Tony Bartram has been interviewed by Wifi Sheep!

    Check out the interview here: Wifi Sheep coverage of the RISC OS South-West show