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20th December 2018 : RDSP, A New Game, Game Updates & Game Ports

* We are currently working to make RDSP ready for a version 1.0 release. *

After a beta lasting nearly 2 years, RDSP will soon reach version 1.0. Currently we are working on:

  • The capability to record RDSP's output to disc in WAV file format.
  • The addition of an overdrive/distortion effect.
  • The addition of a reverb effect.

* A New game *

Our next title will be a parallex scrolling castle puzzle game. This will be our first RISC OS release of 2019.

* Stunt Drivers : Update *

An update of Stunt Drivers will be available for the RISC OS SouthWest show. Come and see us there!

* Game Ports *

RISC OS is a brillant platform to be creative and original upon. Something that is proven by the number of original games that AMCOG have developed for the platform over the last few years. We are planning to continue releasing 2 games per year for the foreseeable future. We are currently porting two titles to Android and iOS and these are expected to be available soon.

Only selct titles will be ported to other platforms. The majority will remain unique to RISC OS.

8th November 2018 : Stunt Drivers Release!

As of the 8th of November a new original RISC OS racing game has been released to the PlingStore!

Stunt Drivers is a top view racing game with 360 degree motion presented in 16 million colours. Featuring 4 original music tracks and sound effects that use our own virtual sound chip

Available for just 9.99 UK pounds and with free updates, full source code included and an open format for track data

4th October 2018 : Stunt Racers Beta Testing

Our new title is top view racing game with 360 degree motion, featuring ramps, oil slicks and other hazards! Beat the computer controlled cars to make it to the next race!

Beta testing is planned for next week.

This game is scheduled for release at the RISC OS London show 2018.

Come along and check it out!

28th June 2018 : New Games In Development

  • A new untiitled RISC OS game is in development with a target release date of October 2018.
  • In addition, Mop Tops 2 will also be released later this year
  • Mop Tops will also be avaiable later this year on Android and iOS and will be our first cross-platform title enabled via the AMCOG Game kit API.
  • Finally, we are also working on new music tracks & will be adding the final major features to RDSP so that it can reach version 1.00 by the end of 2018

31st May 2018 : Island of the Undead Released

As of the 31st of May 2018 a new RISC OS original first-person-shooter has been released to the PlingStore Priced at 11.99 ukp.


  • 5 original music tracks.
  • 3D vector Graphics in 800x600 resolution.
  • 8 level maps.
  • 360 degree movement.
  • Level code system.
  • large detailed sprites with long animation cycles.
  • Sound effects via the RDSP sound module.
  • All source code is included and level data is in plain-text

9th March 2018 : A New Game is in Development for the Wakefield Show

An exciting new title will be released at the:

Wakefield Show 2018

This title has been in development for over a year.

Details will be released in due course.

4th January 2018 : Chorus effect added to RDSP

RDSP 0.40 has been made available.

This release implements a chorus sound effect. See Wikipedia : Chorus Effect for more information.