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11th November 2016 : The RISC OS Blog reviews Xeroid

The RISC OS Blog has reviewed Xeroid: Under the Microscope: Xeroid"

1st November 2016 : New Game! Mop Tops

Our new puzzle game " Mop Tops " is now available from the PlingStore!

Priced at just 9.99 ukp.

For more information on Mop Tops please click Here.

12th October 2016 : Mop Tops in Beta

Our new title Mop Tops is currently undergoing beta testing.

This is a puzzle game in the style of Lemmings - with a key difference:
The characters pick up or interact with objects that the player provides.

It features 16M colour graphics & parallax scrolling.

The number of levels and original music tracks is still being finalized.

21st August 2016 : RISC OS London show 2016

AMCOG Games will be appearing at the RISC OS London show 2016.

Xeroid, Overlord and Legends of Magic will be on sale via CD and download code.

We are also working on a new title and a new sound module for RISC OS. The schedule for these new products will be dependent on internal/beta testing.

20th August 2016 : Drag'N'Drop reviews Xeroid

A review of Xeroid has been included in Drag'N'Drop Issue 7i4 Summer 2016

Please note, since the review was written RISC OS 4 support, and 7 new levels have been added.

19th August 2016 : Wakefield show interview

Click here for an interview from the AmCoG games stand at the Wakefield show.

3rd July 2016 : Xeroid Updates

AMCOG games are pleased to announce version 1.19 of Xeroid has been released and adds:

  • 2 new music tracks
  • 7 new levels - the first of which does not require a passcode to play.
  • Visual enhancements
  • Improved MP3 playback performance in the game.
  • Support for Virtual Acorn running RISC OS 4.

25th June 2016 : Design, music composition and prototyping underway.

Our next title is now in development. Details will be announced in due course.

25th June 2016 : Xeriod update planned to be released via the PlingStore at MUG

An update to Xeroid will be released on the 2nd of July 2016 once beta testing has completed. You can come and play the update at the Recursion Computer Fair which is hosting the RISCOS MUG show.

CDs will be available to buy for all 3 titles. However, in order to get the new levels, the Plingstore code in the CD box will be required to be used.

As usual, all updates to Xeroid are free.

12th June 2016 : Xeriod update beta test underway

An update to Xeroid has been sent for beta testing which includes:
  • Support for Virtual Acorn.
  • 7 new levels, the first of which can be played without a passcode.
  • Visual improvements : flashing thrusters and slow scrolling star.s
  • 2 additional original music tracks.

7th May 2016 : AmCoG Games will be appearing at Recursion 2016

Come and see us at Recursion 2016. For information on the time and place of the Recursion Computer Fair, see: Recursion 2016

17th April 2016 : Xeroid Game Released

AmCoG games are please to announce that a new 3D vector graphic game has been released for RISC OS and is available for download from the PlingStore priced at 9.99 ukp.

Beginner and Master levels have been included as well as 4 new original music tracks.

The first free update to provide additional game levels is planned for the MUG/Recursion show in July.

6th March 2016 : Wakefield Show 2016

AmCoG games will be attending the Wakefield show. A new game is under development and is planned for release, subject to beta testing.

2nd March 2016 : Legends of Magic Updated

We are pleased to announce that Legends of Magic has been updated to V1.12 and now includes a second quest, effectively a second game, where the user must collect all of the treasure on the island to win. This means that Legends of Magic is now effectively two games in one.

Available now from the PlingStore for 9.99 ukp.

Existing users are entitled to this update for free.

13th Feburary 2016 : Legends of Magic Update Under Development

A new quest is under development for Legends of Magic. Existing users are entitled to this new quest for free.

Legends of Magic Update 1 is planned to released at the RISC OS South West Show provided that the update has passed beta testing.

Treasure Quest

The boatman who is carrying you on your quest will not give you passage unless you retrieve all the treasure from a haunted island. You have been given a sack to carry the treasure within and may not leave the island until your quest is complete.