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26th October 2015 : Legends of Magic Released

We are pleased to announce that Legends of Magic is now available to download from the PlingStore and is priced at £8.99

For further information click below: Legends of Magic

19th October 2015 : RISC OS London show 2015

AMCOG Games will be appearing at the RISC OS London show 2015.

We are pleased to announce our new game Legends of Magic will be released on the 24th of October 2015 and will be available to buy at the show.

Boxed CDs with PlingStore promotional codes of Overlord 1.40 will also be on sale.

30th September 2015 : Legends of Magic

A brand new RISC OS isometric 3D quest game been released for beta testing.

" For some years you have desired to be an apprentice Magus studying magic and lore. However, whilst you have friends within the academy, your abilities did not warrant being inducted when you reached adolescence. It was noted that you demonstrated skills at performing magic from ancient incantations read aloud and that the academy is still considering you since you show promise.

A number the alumni of the academy have disappeared recently. One, called Savid, returned distraught and explained that a dark magic was gaining acceptance. Initially word had spread that a new method had been discovered that appeared to improve self control and dicipline. But it appears that this method caused the practitioner to eventually succumb to another's will. Not just anyone, but one who had in fact long been banished. This person, Kimyani, had meddled with dark arts to the point that he 'faded', that is he became undead. He was cast out to a distant dimension where he could inflict no further harm. However, it appears that he has found a way to reach out to our world.

Unfortunately no-one listened to Savid. Except for you as Savid was your close friend. He told you that he had discovered an abandoned island where the undead were rumoured to walk and where strange creatures lived. A doorway to the dimension where Kimyani existed could be found there, and this was likely what he was using to reach our world. This island held ancient magic, which could also bring you great acclaim. So you arrange a boat to drop you at the island and begin your quest..."

  • Legends of Magic has been developed between May and October 2015
  • It is planned to be compatible with the Raspberry Pi 1 & 2, Pandaboard, Beagleboard, ARM X6, Iyonix, Virtual Acorn and RPCEmu.
  • The game contains 18 minutes of original music at present and will be available to buy once beta testing is complete.

26th July 2015 : Drag'N'Drop Magazine

Drag'N'Drop have an Overlord themed cover! Click Here to find out more.

7th July 2015 : Overlord Updated!

Overlord V1.40

Overlord has been updated and now includes:

  • A mouse sensitivity slider.
  • A new (blue) " duel fire " power-up.
  • Improved distribution of mission objects.
This update is free for existing users and is available through the PlingStore.

If you bought a CD at Wakefield or the ROUGOL presentation, then the PlingStore code in the CD box may be used to download version 1.40.

22nd June 2015 : AmCoG at Recursion on 4th July 2015

AmCoG Games will be appearing at Recursion 2015 on the 4th July 2015.

8th June 2015 : AmCoG Overlord reviewed by Risc OS Blog

Overlord has been put Under the microscope.

17th May 2015 : AmCoG at Rougol on 15th June 2015

AmCoG Games will be appearing at ROUGOL on the 15th June 2015.

27th April 2015: Overlord available to buy from the PlingStore

We are pleased to announce that Overlord is now available for download in the PlingStore and is priced at £ 9.99.

25th April 2015 : Overlord launched at the Wakefield show

Our new game Overlord is being launched at Wakefield 2015

We will have two demonstration Raspberry Pi based systems on the stand so that our new RISC OS Game " Overlord " can be played. The game will be available to buy as a boxed CD. As we are also a band, our music CD " You Deleted Me " will also be available to listen to & buy