Available to Buy for £ 17.99

We are pleased to announce that as of the 30th of May 2021 The AMCOG Development Kit V1.09 is now available for download from the PlingStore and is priced at £ 17.99.

The AMCOG Development Kit was originally released at the Wakefield show on the 22nd April 2017.

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The AMCOG Development kit makes game writing on RISC OS much simpler.

The kit includes

  • A core library to enable sprite plotting, error handling, screen transitions, MP3 playback and much more.
  • A tile library to provide a general game engine for games based on tiles. For further information on tile based game engines see : Wikipedia Tile Game Engine Feature Page
  • A sound library and virtual sound chip RDSP for simplifying music playing and sound effect generation in games.
  • Joystick support
  • Game sprites
  • Music tracks
  • Sound samples
  • Two case studies presented as incremental phases with lots of comments to explain how they work
  • Four games
  • Four examples
  • A 30 page manual


It also comes with 4 games :
  • Mutant Penguin
  • Cyborg.
  • 'Sparky' - a simpler playable tile library case study.
  • 'Quebix Attack' - an alien invader style game presented as a case study.

About the Games

  • Mutant Penguin is an ice-blocks/Pengo style game and is available separately for free in a 'crunched form'. However, the AMCOG Development Kit includes the source code as a working example of the core, tile and sound libraries.
  • Cyborg was inspired by the classic game Cybertron and is available separately as a paid for title. It is more complex example in that includes multiple screens per level and more game logic. The core code for this game was written in less than 2 days as a way of proving the kit library functions.
  • Sparky was inspired by a Commodore Plus/4 game called the Exorcist is only available with the Development Kit at present and is presented both as a playable game and 5 phase development case study. In a sense it is sort of a reverse Snapper/Munchy/Pacman game.
  • Quebix Attack was inspired by various space alien invader games (e.g. Zalaga, Galaxians, Galaforce, Arcadians etc) and is also only available with the Development Kit at present. Quebix attack demonstrates level management, sprite animation, collision and joystick handling. It is included as a 7 phase case study which starts with the !Ship example

New for version 1.09:

  • A Welcome Disc style Example that demonstrates how to use the kit's SoundMake() procedure that enables RDSP effects to be created without understanding how to set up ENVELOPE commands.
  • Additional sprites, sounds and music.
  • A new case study and game : Quebix Attack
  • Substantially updated documentation
  • New library functions merged down from the latest AMCOG games

New for version 1.08:

  • Examples that demonstrate how to use the car animation routines used in Stunt Drivers, collision detection and character animation as well as a spaceship demo.
  • Additional sprites and sounds.
  • The latest RDSP version.
  • New Development Kit features and updated documentation


The AMCOG Development Kit is compatible with RISC OS 4 on Virtual Acorn and RISC OS 5 on Raspberry Pi 0,1,2 & 3, 4, 400, Beagleboard and Pandaboard based systems, Titanium, ARM X6 and RPCEmu.

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