Ambiguous Contrasts Games develop games for the RISC OS, Windows and Linux operating system.

The 20 games that have been finished are Overlord, Legends of Magic, Xeroid, Mop Tops, Mutant Penguin, Cyborg, Protector, Island of the Undead, Stunt Drivers, Escape From The Arcade, Star Mine, Scuba Hunter, Spy Mission:The Ice Caves of Dr. Atom, The Haunted Tower Hotel, 3D Pingo, 3D Turbo Boost, A-maze-ing, TIMERUN, Wizard Lore and Light Gate.

In addition, the RDSP Virtual Sound Chip and AMCOG Development Kit are also available. Please click on 'Products' for further information

For information on RISC OS version 5. See

Finally, we have ported Star Mine to Windows and Linux and this is available via the Stream Store. See the link at the top of the page for further information.

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A.V.Bartram : Code, Music, Graphics, Design, Sound Design, RDSP

S. Very : Additional Music

S.Z. Bartram : Additional Graphics, Design

M. Stubbs : Logo (about page/Splash screen)

R. Jubber : Border (Cyborg)

SoftRock : Level design (Island of the Undead)

R. Murray : Code Review

R. Walker : USB Joystick module

T. Olson : AMPlayer Mp3 module

A. Timmerman : TimPlayer (Legends of Magic/Overlord) Sample playback

Special thanks to the beta testers - of which there are too many too mention