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Available via the Steam Store january 6th 2021

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Original RISC OS Version

Click here to find out about the original RISC OS version.   A earlier version of Star Mine was released for RISC OS in October 2019 at the RISC OS London show. During 2020 Star Mine has been extended improved and ported to Windows/Linux

Further updates are planned for both versions through 2021.

Compatibility & Minimum Spec

  • Windows 8.1
  • Windows 10
  • 64 bit Linux
  • OS: 8.1
  • Processor: Core I3
  • Memory: 200 MB RAM
  • Storage: 100 MB available space


Star Mine is a 3D first person perspective space shoot 'em up game with both elevation, descent and 360 degree motion. You enter each mine from hyperspace and then fly through it between the enclosing walls and the laser grid which protect the interior. Blast the star jewels from the asteroids and steal cargo from alien space ships. Avoid lightening conductors, worm holes and attractor fields. Collect shield, hyperspace and weapon energy before escaping to the next mine.


The old federation is run down, dying, poor and desperate. Deep outside the boundaries of known space, alien mines are protected. But not from you. Take cargo, blast star jewel;s from asteroids, and steal energy from the mines. Now we are the invaders...

You are piloting a Zeus class star mining ship through alien mines in deep space. The mines contain worm holes where the inhabitants of the mine enter and exit. Its floor and ceiling are protected by a laser energy grid within which the asteroids float endlessly.

The mines contain reserves of shield energy in the form of blue quantum-magneto-resonance cubes and amber spherical plasma that can increase the strength of your weapon if collected.

Some mines also contain hyper drive energy, which you may require from time to time. Beware of the attractor fields powered by the mines energy grid. Avoid the lightening conductors which form part of the grid.

Steal from the alien mines, so the federation may survive ... at least just a little longer...

Included Within Star Mine

Star Mine is a new first person perspective space game for Windows and Linux featuring:

  • High Definiton detailed 3D Graphics - including physical models
  • 7 original music tracks - including live muusic
  • 10 levels
  • Rich Sound effects synthesised from a virtual sound chip
  • 360 rotation and ascend/descend
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