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9th May 2019 : V1.01 of Escape from the Arcade released

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8th May 2019 : Wi-Fi Sheep LIVE AMCOG GAMES / RISC OS Special

AMCOG Games was featured on the Wi-Fi Sheep Live 8 'till late on Twitch.TV

A repeat is available via YouTube.

We are very grateful to Wi-Fi Sheep for showcasing our products. The programme featured 2 hours playing and demonstrating most of AMCOG's games that had been released by the 5th of May 2019.

You can advance through the recording to see in order:

  • Xeroid
  • Protector
  • Legends of Magic
  • Mop Tops
  • Island of the Undead
  • Stunt Drivers
  • Escape from the Arcade
  • The AMCOG Development Kit - including Cyborg, Mutant Penguin and Sparky


    23rd April 2019 : New title to be released at the Wakefield show

    Come along and see us at the Wakefield show 2019 where we will be releasing a new game!

    The arcade machine displays a warning sign and wiring hangs out precariously. You curiously fiddle with the controls and then feel a spinning sensation.

    When you awaken you can see a ghostly figure floating toward you and feel the cold hard stoney floor pressing into you.

    You are trapped within the Arcade machine due to a dimensional fault and must find a way out.

    11th March 2019 : AMCOG Development Kit Updated

    • Extended the kit to include some of the latest features used in our most recent titles
    • Added simple examples to demonstrate the car control and animation features used in Stunt Drivers, character animation, collision detection and scrolling stars
    • Additional graphics, documentation and more!
    This update is free for existing users!.

    Click here to check out The AMCOG Development Kit

    3rd March 2019 : Stunt Drivers updated!

    Now includes:
    • A player car selector with 8 cars to choose from
    • The game now includes 7 racing tracks!

    3rd March 2019 : RDSP updated

    RDSP 0.87 has now been made available for download!

    RDSP now features:

    • A reverb algorithm that supports Hall and Room settings
    • Record and save to a WAV file
    • A PDF manual

    RDSP is now at release candidate 2. Version 1.0 is expected to be released in the near future.

    3rd March 2019 : The Wifi Sheep YouTube Interview

    AMCOG Games' Tony Bartram has been interviewed by Wifi Sheep!

    Check out the interview here: Wifi Sheep coverage of the RISC OS South-West show