Recursion Computer Fair - Saturday 17th Feburary RISC OS SouthWest Show 2018






Since the introduction of new hardware for RISC OS, from the Raspberry Pi in 2012, through RComp's ARM X6, the Cortex-A15 Rapido, to the Titanium in 2015, the RISC OS Computer scene has been growing.

What can you do with RISC OS? It is very useful for:

  • Learning to program in a highly interactive way
  • Gaming / retro gaming
  • Building projects with the Raspberry Pi
  • Experimentation & Exploration with low level access.
  • Extending the operating system to add custom features
  • Embedded or dedicated display systems where the application is required to run focused on a single task task e.g. a control system, running a display, an arcade machine or a synthesiser.

There are multiple vendors of hardware, as well as computer shows and software download sites available.

Please see below for some examples:

NOTE: Links were last checked on 21st January 2018.

Some Hardware Vendors

Ident Computer :
Raspberry PI :
CJE Micros :
Elesar LTD :

Some Emulators for use on RISC OS

MAME, ArcEm, Snes etc :
BBC Micro :
C64, Vic20 etc :
GameBoy and CPC Emulators :
Fast DOS Box :
Spectrum Emulator :

RISC OS Emulators for other Operating Systems

Virtual Acorn:
RPC Emu USB stick for Windows and Mac :


Drag'N'Drop :
Archive :


Riscository :
RISC OS Blog :
ICON Bar :


RISC OS Info :


Risc OS Opem:
ICON Bar Forums :
Raspberry Pi : RISC OS Forum :

Some General Software

Please Note: Packman and the !Store programs provide a distribution mechanism for commonly used software on RISC OS

However, for some example websites are listed below:
MW software : Design, Printing & Publishing software :
Dave Pilling : TWAIN, Wordprocessing & much more :
Micheal Foot's RISC OS free software page
Steve Fryatt's PD Software :
ARM Club Free Software :
7th Software :
RISC OS Open : Nut Pi :

RISC OS Store programs

NOTE: These are often pre-installed as a part of RISC OS images or via OEMs.
The !Store :
Packman :